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Paradisa Homes originally came into being as a remodeling company driven with the purpose to maximize the potential of existing homes by updating elements of functionality, style, efficiency, and comfort. Today, we approach complete home remodelling, renovations, and additions with the same purposeful mindset.

Perhaps you dream of living in one of our beautiful move-in ready homes, but are already located at the perfect address, or you have a new member in your family and find yourself short on bedrooms. Inevitably at one time or another all homeowners envision potential improvements to an existing home that can significantly enhance their living experience. Regardless of the reason, our design and construction team can help you to transform the functionality of an existing floorplan or add living space to suit your needs. Inside and out, we can help you fall in love with your home again through one of our transformative remodeling designs.




Navigate through the before and after photos of our past renovation projects to discover the potential of your own home — it may surprise you!

Before and After: Home Remodels

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Before: Villanova's Exterior

A charming house that was showing its age needed a facelift.

After: Villanova's Exterior

We repainted the exterior wood and brick in a sophisticated gray with white trim. For a more iconic look (and better runoff), we changed the porch's roof to a gable and added another gable to the front of the house. We replaced the front door with one that was more modern but that still harkened back to the home’s original rustic feel. Finally, we beautified the front landscaping by adding mulch, replacing overgrown bushes, and planting flowers and new grass.

Before: Villanova's Kitchen

The dated and dark kitchen needed to be brightened and opened up.

After: Villanova's Kitchen

We demolished the entire kitchen (including one of its main walls), office, and utility rooms to leave a large, open space for the new kitchen and dining room.

After: Villanova's Kitchen

As part of this kitchen renovation, we installed a large kitchen island that allows for more versatility and movement through the space. The kitchen’s remaining walls and island got new, custom white maple wood cabinetry throughout. A new backsplash, quartz countertops, and all-new kitchen appliances and light fixtures completed the simple, muted palette for a much more modern feel.

After: Villanova's Kitchen

We also added a small bar area next to the new living room which included a wine fridge, counter space and additional storage.

Before: Villanova's Breakfast Room

The breakfast room sported an inefficient layout that was cramped and cut off from the rest of the house.

After: Villanova's Dining Room

In this remodel, we left part of the original breakfast room empty to allow for easy access to utility room and patio and pushed back the new dining room into what used to be the living room area. Then, we added a large window to add natural light to this room and installed a beautiful chandelier.

Before: Villanova's Master Bedroom

An overcrowded bedroom needed to be renovated to maximize the available space.

After: Villanova's Master Bedroom

Continuing the updates from the rest of the house, we brought new wood flooring, paint, light fixtures, and ceiling fan to the bedroom. We also removed shelving and cabinets to make the room bigger.

Before: Villanova's Master Bathroom

The cramped master bathroom needed to be reimagined for more privacy and more efficient use of space.

After: Villanova's Master Bathroom

We strategically renovated this space to make it much more functional. Replacing the old water heater with a tankless one allowed us to use that space for a private toilet room. We then expanded the shower into the old toilet space. When we removed the large original cabinets, we were able to install a second vanity. Changing the access point of the closet gave us room to expand it. Finally, we replaced the sinks, faucets, floor and shower tile with sleeker materials as well as installed custom-made vanity cabinets and quartz countertops as an elegant finishing touch.

Before: Villanova's Second Bathroom

An older bathroom that had been outfitted for disabled access needed a refresh for its new owners.

After: Villanova's Second Bathroom

We renovated the bathroom by replacing all floor and shower tile as well as sink and faucets. We also installed custom-made vanity cabinets and quartz counters. Replacing the old window and light fixtures brightened up the space significantly. Finally, we removed the shower bars and the old wall furnace heating unit (though it was cute!) to complete the modern upgrade.

Before: Villanova's Garage

A garage that had endured much wear and tear needed shoring up.

After: Villanova's Garage

We rejuvenated the garage by removing and reconstructing all walls, painting the walls, applying epoxy to the floor, and replacing the garage door.

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