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Johnny Ramirez

With a dedication to quality work, an outlook for successful problem-solving, and personable demeanor, Johnny is the stellar handyman who assists with much of our warranty work as well as final preparations related to completion of home constru...

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Scott Parris

As head of project management, Scott skillfully oversees all construction-related endeavors from architectural pre-planning to post-sale warranty fulfillment. A skilled liaison, he bridges multiple channels and departments, and works to ensure ...

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Jerry Magehee

As a key member of project management staff, Jerry manages the construction process for residential development in the Paradisa Homes Southcentral Austin territory. He tirelessly works to ensure efficiency, timeliness, quality control standards...

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Damon Joslin

With a steady focus to improve cost, quality, and timeliness, Damon ever seeks to improve construction workflow processes, scheduling, and subcontractor relationships through development of strategic construction planning. You can often find hi...

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